Assistance in obtaining Russian tourist and guest visas

If you are going to visit Russia for business or just as a tourist our Russian visa agency can assist you in obtaining Russian tourist or guest visas. In addition, you may also apply for a temporary or permanent residence in Russia if you have there any relatives or you wish to set up a business in Russia.

Our Russian visa agency can facilitate Russian visas according to your demands, fill required applications and apply on your behalf. Accordingly, we can collect your documents and deliver them upon obtaining your visa at any location within United Arab Emirates.

In addition, we can arrange interviews with Russian authorities as may be required for visa or residence purpose and provide all necessary legal and translation support.

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By native speakers of Russian, English and Arabic, Golden Word Translation provides various services of translation and interpretation according to the International Quality Standards (ISO 12616 Standard).

Golden Word Translation

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Low prices, international quality and orders processing in the shortest time possible are set our translation company apart from others.

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