About Us

Golden Word Translation is a fast-growth company in translation market of United Arab Emirates. Established by professional translators – native speakers of Russian, English and Arabic, Golden Word Translation provides various services of translation and interpretation according to the International Quality Standards (ISO 12616 Standard).

Low prices, international quality and orders processing in the shortest time possible are set our translation company apart from others. Our employees are professional translators, interpreters and consultants with high experience in United Arab Emirates in various lines of business from legal and investment companies to local defense and law enforcement agencies. We not just to perform our obligations but arrange a full scope of services as demanded by clients at the highest level and guarantee that all your data and information will remain confidential at all times.

Russian Translation Services in Dubai Sharjah UAE


We guarantee the best quality of our below listed services at low and affordable prices:

Translation of all documents

Translation of all documents, contracts, agreements on legal, technical, oil and gas, medical, arts and many other subjects performed by native speakers only; legal translation services;


Interpretation (consecutive and simultaneous), translation support upon incorporation of companies, opening bank accounts in UAE, Free Zones etc, visiting of local government authorities such as Police, Public Prosecution, Courts, conducting negotiations with government and private organizations in United Arab Emirates;

Documents attestation

Documents attestation (Diplomas, Educational Documents, Birth and Marriage Certificates etc.) in the territory of UAE and other countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, USA, UK, Australia and Canada;

Preparation of documents

Preparation of documents required to apply for Russian passport, Birth and Marriage Certificates, Consent letters for minor children to travel, Powers of Attorneys in various languages according to requirements of Notary Public in United Arab Emirates.

Golden Word Translation

Low prices, international quality and orders processing in the shortest time possible are set our translation company apart from others.